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  1. Deidre Plumlee says:

    My mother was descended from French (and Irish) ancestry. Her mother attended a convent in Marseille in about 1855-1975 and met her future husband through the fence and ran away with him to America. I was told she was from the royal House of Montague and was disowned when she fell in love with a Scotch Irishman and did not want to marry the man her family picked for her.
    Anyway there seemed to be a French/Irish community in Carlsbad, New Mexico she seemed to have (family?) connections there and used to visit. The actor, Bruce Cabot (he was the lead in the original King Kong movie and later was often in many of John Wayne’s movies as a character actor). When he was young, my mother’s half brother (Eddie LaFave) and he were good friends together (always in some sort of trouble) and served as altar boys together when they were being good. Bruce Cabet’s real name was Jaques deBujac, his father was a lawyer and he came from French diplomats of some sort. I understand that my grandmother was born in Bombay, India ~1850 (colonial period) but I can’t find more information on her.
    I simply thought I would send this along in case anyone knew more about the French families in Carlsbad during the 1800’sand early 1900’s?

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